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Jamison and Aaron Olson. A married couple. Parents of a boy who thinks farts are hilarious. A couple of metal smiths living in Boise, Idaho who are lucky enough to make a living by being creative (and putting in a lot of work too– everything is handmade).

We strive to make the jewelry that you don’t have to think about. Pieces that are timeless, always fit, and will stay with you. We use only “real ingredients” like natural semi-precious stones, high quality sterling silver and 14k gold-filled (scroll to the bottom to learn why gold-filled is good). Everything is made from scratch, soldered and hand-forged. And, everything online is made-to-order too—the pieces you purchase are uniquely yours. We see your name on the order and make each item just for YOU (or your wife, mom, sister, whomever-else-you’re-buying-for-you-thoughtful-gift-giver-you).

We believe in “keeping it real.” While we understand the idea of creating a fantasy that women can strive for (the sexy beach chic dripping in diamonds), that’s not us, and *probably* it’s not you either. We can’t afford to be dripping in diamonds, and don’t think we need that in order to be happy. We don’t use professional models. Our Instagram feed is a little messy and imperfect (and so are we!). But it’s honest. Jewelry and accessories can have a powerful effect that make us feel pretty and more confident. And being able to help women feel that way is what drives our business.

We aim to offer a great value by making long-lasting, well-made products that are affordable. Years ago, being based in Idaho may have meant you were 10 years behind in fashion (seen Napoleon Dynamite lately?) but with the internet, and a whole lot of growth, it now means we can design and make leading fashion jewelry without the incredibly high costs of running a studio in LA or New York.

In addition to here on our website, you can find our work in numerous fashion and gift boutiques around the country, on TV, in the Sundance Catalog, and even on the occasional celebrity.


The quick answer is: a reasonably priced, high quality alternative to solid gold. Unlike plating, it’s often considered a “lifetime product.”

We all know that gold-plated or silver-plated jewelry has a short shelf life and here’s why: It’s typically an inexpensive way to “church up” very inexpensive materials known as “base metals.” This process involves giving the base object a magnetic charge in a solution with microscopic bits of gold that have the opposite charge. Like two magnets, the gold and base are attracted to each other and… bing, bang, boom… an electrical charge holds an impossibly thin layer of gold to the surface of your jewelry. Because the layer is thin and the bond is relatively weak, your gold-plated stuff will inevitably (and sometimes quite quickly) wear off and leave only the tarnished base metal underneath.

With gold-filled, a minimum 5% (by weight) layer of solid 14k gold is heat-bonded (like soldering) to brass. So, unlike plating, the gold is physically and permanently attached to the base. It’s a MUCH thicker layer of 14k gold that won’t rub off or chip (about 400 times more gold than is used in plating). You get the look and feel of solid 14k gold but without the extreme cost. And, unlike plating, it makes items you can wear day after day without them turning into something you don’t recognize. That’s it!